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Pedratek are very pleased to announce that the Dragon at the Magic Garden, which we created in partnership with Frosts Landscapes has been awarded 1st place in the UK Commercial PIC Project category of the Golden Trowel Awards 2016.


The judging was carried out by a panel of industry peers who had to choose from nearly 700 entries of inspiring decorative concrete work from across the country. This is an exceptional achievement for Pedratek and one in which we are extremely proud!

Pedratek Wins Golden Trowel Award


The Duchess and the Dragon

Wed 4th May saw the culmination of a highly prestigious project for Pedratek with the official opening, by the Duchess of Cambridge no less, of the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace, a spectacular and ambitious playground occupying one of the six sections in the palace’s walled gardens.


Designed by RHS Chelsea award-winning landscape architect Robert Myers, the family oriented Magic Garden draws inspiration from the myths and legends of the Tudor Court, and offers young visitors a new and unique way to explore Hampton Court’s past. Set within King Henry VIII’s former Tiltyard, the play area comprises battlements, towers, a secret grotto, and a number of mythical beasts, the centrepiece of which, and the focus of Pedratek’s work here, is a 25m-long sleeping dragon with illuminating eyes and smoking nostrils.


The Duchess was taken on a tour of The Magic Garden, which has been six years in the making, and was shown some of its unique design features. Along the way, Her Royal Highness met those involved in the Magic Garden's design and construction, including Pedratek’s Andre Tyrrell. “This was a challenging but hugely enjoyable project project for Pedratek.” said Mr. Tyrrell.


Constructed by Pedratek in association with Frosts Landscapes, the concrete over polystyrene core structure required 112 square meters PICS Colour Surface Hardener to complete its unique look.


Mr. Tyrrell explained how Pedratek became involved in the project “In July 2015 we were referred to Frosts Landscapes by Matt Riley Associates with a view to taking on a 25m long concrete body structure of a dragon at HRP Magic garden at Hampton court palace. Since then we have worked closely with Frosts as well as Snug and Outdoors, the play-area designers, and other stakeholders in the project. John Linley at PICS has also been invaluable with technical advice and assisting with specifications.


“The dragons lair area was an additional project that Frosts requested so we implemented a Wallcrete stone effect for that while ground works were completed to the dragon area. Then a two man team carried out all the work on the Polystyrene core, reinforcment and then the imprinted concrete works, between August and November 2015. We also made the rubber moulds for the skin pattern. The artist Andy Tanser made the dragons head and gave us his research pictures to assist with finessing the finer details. It was great to finally see the 25m beast grow out of a drawing.”


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Pedratek's work on the Magic Garden was also featured in the June 2016 edition of ProLandscaper magazine!

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